What Realtors are saying about the market.
Posted on Created: Tuesday, 14 April 2009 18:43
How often do you hear that "now is the time to buy"? Was it in 2007 or 2008 (prices down 20-30% in some areas)? There is an article in the Washington Post today on how Realtors always seem to make the case to buy a house in any environment. Here is a list from the article It's a great time to buy because ..Interest rates are low. You can afford more! ...interest rates are high. They could go even higher! ...inventory is high. Great selection! ...inventory is low. Everybody's doing it!'s spring. Peak selling season!'s summer. Families have to get settled before September!'s fall. The second peak season!'s winter. No competition! ...the stock market is down. Real estate is safer! ...the stock market is up. More money for your downpayment!'s baseball season. Why d'ya think they call it home plate? Anyone else heard some interesting ones not on this list? FULL ARTICLE HERE ...