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Texas Real Estate Value Remains Stable
Posted on Created: Tuesday, 02 August 2011 04:43 reports: In spite of an increasing debt crisis today, Texas real estate values seem to remain stable in comparison to even 2009. Dwight Hale- chairman of the Texas Association of Realtors- spoke recently on the incident, quoting: "Though statewide sales volume is down compared to 2010, when the tax credits were having the biggest impact on our market, we're right on pace with the second quarter of 2009. In addition, Texas has dominated national headlines for economic strength, which makes it clear the recovery continues in our state." This indicates strength in the Texas market, and is something to think about considering how much land Texas has; when it comes to the spe ...
Big Building Woes
Posted on Created: Sunday, 12 July 2009 08:43
The recent state of the real estate market affects more than homeowners. It affects big companies and their employees, too. Last year, the number of large corporations that had to close up shop in certain areas increased by almost 2,000 compared to 2007. Because of the tough economy and the state of the market this year, some of these large corporations, such as Circuit City, Home Depot, and others, are forced to close stores because of lack of profit. That leaves hundreds of jobless employees and an inconveniently-large building that goes on the market for more than 10 million dollars. This cycle is self-perpetuating, because it, in turn, makes the economic situation even worse. Consumers no longer spend their money at the corporation because it has closed, and hundreds are out of jobs. Hardly anybody is in the market for a building the size of a Home Depot or a Circuit City, and the fact that the building retails for such a high price doesn’t help the situation much, ei ...