Realtor Rebate video short on abc news!
Posted on Created: Friday, 11 March 2011 12:01
Hit Read more and click image to see our newest video airing on ABC News!   ...
Foreclosure filings rising fast
Posted on Created: Thursday, 16 April 2009 15:27
According to a new report,  foreclosure filings jumped 24% in the first quarter compared to a year ealier and there was a 9% jump from a quarter earlier. So what does this mean for someone in the market now? In a previous post I outlined why I thought the market was getting a little crazy and I told buyers to wait a couple months ( who would of thought, a Real Estate agent telling you not to buy) for more inventory. This is where the numbers become more interesting. There were 803,489 total filings in the first quarter, but 341,180 happened in March, thats 42% of all the filings. That is a 17% increase from the month before and a 46% jump from a year earlier.  What this tells me is that banks are not waiting any longer, they have begun to take serious action to get rid of the excess inventory. But guess what, those homes are not for sale yet, banks have streamlined the eviction and sale process, so within 90-120 days of the foreclosure many of these homes can be on the market. ...
Who has the biggest Realtor Rebate? "The Catch" with other companies revealed!
Posted on Created: Tuesday, 17 March 2009 21:23
We often get calls from prospective home buyers who are simply calling to find out "the catch" with our commission rebate. The problem is that there are numerous companies that advertise large commission rebates but have certain guidelines that do not pertain to most home buyers.  Our Realtor rebate is simple, on all homes over $300,000 paying a 3% commission (which 95% of homes in the DC market offer) your rebate is 2% of the sales price. No hidden fees, no gimmicks. Below are the most common "catches" with OTHER Real Estate companies: 1. The 2% rebate is only valid for NEW CONSTRUCTION homes, resale homes usually have a smaller rebate. CULPRIT: Cashbackrealty Rebates for resale homes start at 1%. 2. Many companies begin with large rebates but then increase fees once they become established and gain name recognition . CULPRIT: Redfin, they began with a 2% rebate but have since INCREASED their minimum fee to $5,500 and DECREASED their rebate to 1.5% of the sales price.  On a ...