New Construction Tips and Myths
Posted on Created: Monday, 23 March 2009 19:52
I just read a post on the Redfin Forums regarding the advantages of having a Real Estate agent represent you when buying new construction. Of course all of the agents said "yes yes yes" which is not necessarily wrong but there is a flip side to using a Realtor when buying New Construction. Before I go any further I thought I would clear up one common myth about new home builders regarding negotiating and commission.  If  you do not have a Realtor when you buy a new construction home, the builder will not pay you a commission directly but they will take the fact that they do not have to pay a commission  into consideration when negotiating the price. So in lieu of paying your Realtor a $15,000 commission, perhaps they give you that back in the form of a closing cost credit. But before you go this route keep in mind that these builders and their reps negotiate sales prices on their homes everyday...you probably negotiate a home price 3-4 times a lifetime! Beware of the nice lady ...
I-Agent Stimulus. How much money have we put back in the Economy?
Posted on Created: Friday, 20 March 2009 16:03
All of the stimulus talk over the last few months got us thinking, how much money have we pumped into the economy with our Realtor Rebates? Over the last 2 years when home buyers bought  homes with I-Agent Realty in DC, MD, and VA we have rebated over 2.1 Million Dollars! That is some serious cash for home buyers!  We will continue to have the largest Realtor Rebate in the industry and look forward to making home buying more affordable for everyone. ...