Short Sale Documents

By now you might be asking yourself what in the world goes into this short sale packet. Below is a list of all the documents necessary to complete a successful short sale and a brief explanation of each document.


Cover Letter- A letter to the bank that introduces all parties and gives a brief explanation of the current situation.


Listing Agreement- The agreement between you the seller and I-Agent Realty that allows us to list and market your home for sale.


Short Sale Disclosure- Similar to the listing agreement but needs to be signed by all parties in the transaction.


HOA/Condo/PUD Addendum- Lets us know the management companies information and allows us to collect information on HOA/Condo fees.


Authorization To Release Information- This document gives I-Agent Realty Inc. the ability to negotiate the short sale with the lender and any other party involved.


Financial Worksheet- Spreadsheet that will outline your current assets and liabilities. This will help us explain to the bank why they need to approve this short sale.


Hold Harmless- Document stating that I-Agent Realty is not offering legal or tax advice nor are we making any guarantees or promises. We are trained certified professionals whose designation is recognized by lenders all across America.


Repairs and Damages Form- This document allows us to show the condition of the home to the bank.


Hardship Letter- Explains to the bank why we are in the current financial situation.


Preliminary HUD- Document the bank will review to see how much they will net from the short sale of your home. It goes over all fees associated with the sale.


MLS Print Out- Print out showing the lender that your property is being actively marketed on the MLS.


MLS History- This will give the lender a quick view at what we listed the property at and what it is currently priced at. Allows them to see that we have attempted to get them top dollar.


Executed Contract- This is the purchasers contract signed by all parties.


Buyer Prapproval Letter- Letter from the purchasers lender stating they are qualified to purchase this property.


Competitive Market Analysis- A quick look at the value of properties in this area. We will show current active listings and sold listings for the past 90days.


Last Two Months Bank Statements All Accounts-

Last Two Months Pay Stubs-

Last Two Years Tax Returns-

Property Photos-